Coaching & Advisory

Get invaluable insight, feedback, and accountability support from an ERG-expert executive coach

Everyone can use a thought partner

Get ERG-expert validation and support

As an ERG leader or DEI professional, there is always too much to do and consider. Given all that is on your work plate and rapidly changing in the ERG world, it's impossible for anyone leading ERGs to know the latest and greatest policies, processes and planning requirements.

ELA's team of ERG-expert, certified professional coaches can:

  • Help you set and track realistic work and ERG goals
  • Review your ERG leadership policies and plans
  • Align and balance your ERG work with other responsibilities
  • Celebrate every small personal win and ERG accomplishment

1:1 Advisory

Weekly 30-minute virtual meetings.  

$1,000 per month, 3-month commitment

ERG Leadership Team Advisory

Two, one-hour virtual meetings per month. Maximum six (6) leaders.

$2,500 per month, 3-month commitment

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