Empower your executive sponsors, allies, ERG leaders and members to fully support ERG goals.

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Totally engaging & educational workshops for all your diversity champions. Schedule a call for more info on pricing and availability.

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ERG Intelligence

(2 hrs)

Training Objectives

  • Understand what ERGs are, why they are so critical in achieving business & DEI objectives
  • Know the scope and structure of employee groups across industries and geographies
  • Energize & empower existing and potential ERG leaders, Members, Executive Sponsors and Allies

Recommended Audience: Anyone that wants to support ERGs including existing and potential ERG Leaders, Program/Oversight Managers, ERG Members, Executive Sponsors and Allies

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How to be an Excellent Executive Sponsor

(2 hrs)

Training Objectives:

  • Know the structure, scope, trends and reasons why ERGs are critical to business strategy & success
  • Understand how Executive Sponsors make or break the organization’s diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) goals
  • Know how to effectively guide ERG leaders and move them along the organization’s overall talent pipeline
  • Be able to inspire future ERG leaders, Allies and other Executive Sponsors

Recommended Audience: executive leaders that already are ERG sponsors or are interested in becoming one

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ABCs of Allyship

(2 hrs) 

Learn what allyship is and why it is critical for workplace diversity, inclusion, equity & belonging. Led by allyship experts at Inclusive Space, get cross-industry best practice tips & tools to build a strong and sustainable ally program.

Recommended Audience: all diversity leaders

How to Give Real Confidence to Yourself & Your Entire ERG

(1 hr)

This session let’s you apply basic brain science to better manage your own motivation as well as other people’s. Learn more effective, science-based ways to interact with ERG members, executive sponsors and allies.

Content is based on American Confidence Institute’s accredited content and certification program.

Recommended Audience: Leaders of individual ERGs and oversight managers

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Great ERG Leaders are Confidence Coaches

(3 hrs) 

Learn how to use American Confidence Institute’s accredited, brain science-based coaching playbook to effectively support ERG leaders & members.

Qualifies for 3.5 SHRM PDCs.

Additional ACI Coaching Certification available. 

Recommended Audience: executive and ERG leaders

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